Blessing in Disguise

Dear Dr Joubert

Blessings are definitely in disguise. When my original hip replacement op was denied for October last year by my medical aid, I was distraught! Then, miraculously, Dr Johan Hugo was consulted in his practice, by a patient who had been operated on by you. Therein hangs the tail…

Everything about the AMIS procedure should be widely broadcast and all prospective hip replacement patients should know about. The orthopedic surgeons should be educated to a new practice instead of using the old traditional & “archaic” methods. Words cannot really describe the feeling of satisfaction when I can actually tell people that I ditched my crutches two weeks after the op (as you said would happen), was driving 3 and a half weeks after the op, and am going from strength to strength on a daily basis. Life has really taken a new meaning…

I am so grateful to you for how you have literally transformed my life from a limping, physically crooked, pain-racked “old” lady, to a sprightly, happy, pain-free 67-year-old “young lady”. What you did was sheer magic for me (And I’m sure for hundreds of others too) and my thanks are unbounded. So many thanks to Dr Hugo too as, if not for him, I would never have known otherwise…

3 days short of 3 months down the line and going strong!!!

With very best wishes & kind regards

Carol Sherwin

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