Never Nervous & Never Doubted the Outcome


I have been surprised at all the events that would happen in my life in such a short time.

I had never expected that after my e-mail to yourself you would phone me personally and had the time to explain the procedure of my pending hip replacement, no one had taken the approach which you had taken that night. We met in Port Elizabeth and the date was set for 11/12/2007 after the examination of my problem. It was all set for go!

As discussed I was booked into the Greenacres Hospital on 10/12/2007 and was informed that I would be operated on by yourself at 8.00 am the following morning 11/12/2007. I must admit that I was very nervous and never expected what was to come. The morning of the 11/12/2007 came as ‘D’ day to me. I met Dr Jenkins and he also assured me that all would go well, with the epidural and the fact that I was in the hands of the best surgeon in South Africa.

During the operation I was never nervous or doubted in the outcome of the operation. I really want to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff who assisted you during those 3 hours.

I was then placed into the High Care Ward and was pleasantly and efficiently taken care of throughout the night. During the night I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr David Stern “who shares the exact same birth date as myself” who came in to check my condition. During the sam night of 11/12/2007 I was introduced to the Physiotherapist Rykie Greybe and she also was very happy with my ability to sit up and lift my leg with ease. I was told that she would see me on the 12/12/2007 in order that I can try walking. Obviously this looked to me as a mountain to climb, but you were always in my mind and did not want to disappoint anyone, my wife Salome’; you and everyone in the hospital who had a hand in my stay at Greenacres.

The 12/12/2007 (Wednesday) arrived and was met by Rykie who helped me take the first steps. It went so well that you get the feeling that all really was possible in one day after such a hip replacement operation I was on top op the world. Later the day I was shown how to and did climb stairs and went back down the steps using the crutches.

I really must thank you very much for what you have done for me, the interest shown by yourself; all the hospital staff who were never too busy to give a helping hand. During the night of 12/12/2007 I found it quite easy to navigate my way back to the bathroom and back to bed.

Thursday morning the 13/12/2007 things were getting better by the second and I was already thinking of going home. Fortunately you slowed me down to a trot and advised that I stay until Friday morning 14/12/2007. The morning came and I was very pleased to see the expression on your face on my progress plus how proud you were of how well you have done.

Both my wife Salome’ and I want to thank you once again for everything that you have done for us and I am attaching 2 photographs of that happy moment in my life which I will keep forever, the memories are only good.

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