Walk & Run Painlessly


It is only 3 months since you did a total left hip replacement for me and as I said to you yesterday, you have changed my life. At the age of 60 I can now declare myself ready to embark on the second half of my journey – Pain free and physically and mentally ready to go. I cannot believe that I waited 3 years to pluck up enough courage. The pain was debilitating and reflected in my attitude to life, work and home.

The procedure was far less painful than I did imagine it would be and the recovery period was incredibly short. After 3 months I have almost forgotten that I had a hip replacement. Having gone through sleepless nights for years and experiencing pain constanty, I can now walk and even run free and painlessly.

You did a wonderful job and I cannot say thank you enough.

You can rest assured that I will not only refer but insist that anyone with a need for hip surgery must see you. You’re a genius!

Thank you again.


Tim Rands

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