Dr Joubert - a Breath of Fresh Air

Dear Dr. Jan Joubert,

My diary of events:-

We were suggested to contact Dr. J. Joubert through a surgeon who had operated on my husband a few years earlier, both Dr’s based at Panorama Hospital, Plattekloof, Cape Town.

The news of a hip operation came as a bit of a surprise although I had been in quite a lot of pain leading up to this. It was the only solution. Like all operations, you are given various descriptions from friends and colleagues and you do not know whether to invite it to be more comfortable or run a mile!!

Our meeting with Dr Joubert was a breath of fresh air, the approach with me was great, informative & giving me the time to explain without being rushed, having gone to previous consultants who didn’t have time to explain.

This meeting took place on the 7th of September 2013, Dr Joubert had given us over two hours with further X-rays, blood tests, etc. We were so confident, comfortable & relaxed, I could not wait to book the operation with Dr Joubert. The operation was booked for the following week 11th September, ALL organized by Adele, the receptionist, who was very pleasant and helpful.

The whole process, care and attention of the hospital staff, Drs & Dr. Joubert was remarkable.

My first appointment was the beginning of October. All is very well, no crutches, little pain and good movement, driving was about 10 days after the operation. We are now in November – People, friends and neighbours who had seen me walking with crutches when I first got home, excersising carefully like I was told to, could not believe that I had an operation.

My husband & I cannot THANK Dr. Joubert enough, he has given me my energy, fitness & comfort back, I can go to gym again, cycle & walk all things I love doing. It is difficult to express this in writing other than it is REMARKABLE.

To all you out there who needs a hip operation, Good Luck if you choose Dr. J Joubert you will be in very good, capable hands. He loves what he does and that comes through to the patient.


Kindest Regards

Christina & Bill Stafford

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