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I had severe pain in my left hip and consulted my General Practitioner during April 2008. X-rays were taken and he immediately referred me to Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Jan D Joubert, as my hip was severely corroded.

On 27 May 2008 I visited Dr. Joubert, who informed me that I had to undergo a hip replacement. He explained the method he was going to perform and this was called the AMIS hip replacement (With this new procedure, the muscles don’t get cut). This was to be done on 10 June 2008. I was admitted to Greenacres Hospital on 9 June 2008 and various tests were done during the afternoon.

On 10 June 2008 at approximately 8am I was taken for surgery. I was given a spinal injection and I had no feeling in the lower part of my body. Dr Jan D Joubert started operating. The Anethasist asked me if I was still okay during the operation. I asked him how far the surgeon was and he said the doctor was busy stitching me up resulting in another 10 minutes.

At approximately 11:15 I was taken into the recovery room. While in the recovery room the feeling came back into the lower part of my body. I immediately tried to move my feet and was surprised to see that I could move both of my feet. X-rays were taken of my hip in the recovery room. It was good to feel no pain. I was then taken to High Care and could bend my legs. Only a drip was in my arm and no muscles were cut.

That evening I was given only a sleeping tablet. On the morning of 11 June 2008, Dr Joubert came and gave instructions that the drip be removed and that they can move me to the General Ward. At approximately 10 am on 11 June 2008 the Physiotherapist came to me and asked me if I would like to walk. I immediately agreed and walked with my crutches for about 20 steps. I went back to bed and she said that I was doing fine and she will be back the next day. That night I was given a pain and sleeping tablet. On 12 June, at 8:30, the Physiotherapist was back and I started walking again with crutches. she then asked me if I was prepared to climb stairs and I agreed. I then walked up and down six stairs and she said that I was doing well that it was not necessary for her to come and help me anymore.

On 13 June 2008 at 12 o’clock, Dr Joubert released me from hospital and my dear wife came to fetch me. Thanks to the Lord, Dr Joubert, his team and staff of Greenacres hospital. The pain is gone and I am recovering at home.

I can truly recommend this new procedure to anyone awaiting a new hip, as the recovery period is quicker, due to the fact that the muscles are not cut into. As a result of this new method, the leg is more freely moveable after the operation, which was not the case with the old procedure, when muscles were cut into, which hampered easy movement to a great extent

Pierre Snyman

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